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SomnoPoseTM 2.0 Now Available

An update to version 2.0 is now in the App Store!

Key new features:

  • Sleep positions facing up, down, left, and right are now supported, each with optional alarms and adjustable boundaries.
  • Devices can be worn in either a portrait or landscape orientation.
  • The new SomnoGuide contextual help system provides information about SomnoPose features with just a brief touch.
  • Apple Watch is supported with a watch app that shows current status and summarizes results.

This update was released on 11 May 2018.

SomnoPose Sleep Position Monitor

For iPhone® and iPod touch®

Your sleep position can be important to sleeping well, especially if you snore, or if some positions tend to cause pain or discomfort. SomnoPose can help you manage your sleep position, and learn to stay in good positions.

The SomnoPose app is designed to run all night, while you wear your iPhone or iPod touch. It continually monitors position data, and provides an all-night chart of your sleep position, with a summary that shows how much time you've spent in each popsition. An optional alarm can awaken you if move to a position you want to avoid, so you can reposition yourself.

The SomnoPose sleep position monitor is available from the App StoreSM.

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