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These are announcements that previously appeared on our home page, with the most recent items first.

SomnoPoseTM 2.0 Now Available

An update to version 2.0 is now in the App Store!

Key new features:

  • Sleep positions facing up, down, left, and right are now supported, each with optional alarms and adjustable boundaries.
  • Devices can be worn in either a portrait or landscape orientation.
  • The new SomnoGuide contextual help system provides information about SomnoPose features with just a brief touch.
  • Apple Watch is supported with a watch app that shows current status and summarizes results.

This update was released on 11 May 2018.

SomnoPoseTM 1.3.4 Now Available

A SomnoPose update is now available in the App Store that fixes a screen layout problem (noted here recently) and a few other minor bugs.

The new version is 1.3.4 (build, released on 4 March 2016.

SomnoPoseTM 1.3.4 Now Available

A SomnoPose update is now available in the App Store that fixes a screen layout problem (noted here recently) and a few other minor bugs.

The new version is 1.3.4 (build, released on 4 March 2016.

SomnoPoseTM Alarm Switch Bug

The problem: Users have reported trouble with the current version (1.3.3) of SomnoPose. With iOS 9, a bug in the screen layout can cause the "Face-up alarm" switch to appear out of place, behind the Run segment of the Mode control, making it difficult to operate the switch (indicated by the yellow arrow in the screen image).

SomnoPose screen showing problem

(A related problem shifts the chart at the top of the screen upward, leaving a large blank area, but this should cause less trouble.)

The fix: We are testing a new version that fixes these problems, and I hope to make it available within a week or so.

Workaround: Meanwhile, you may be able to operate the alarm switch by tapping the part that extends above the mode control. Because this part is so narrow, it may take several tries to hit it right. Once you have the switch turned on, you may want to leave it that way. You can still disable the alarm by using the controls on the Settings screen to reduce the alarm volume to nothing and to turn off vibration.

I apologize for these problems, I thank the users who reported them, and I will work to get them fixed soon.

- Jim Hassett, 26 February 2016

SomnoPoseTM 1.3.3 for iOS 6 and iOS 7

Version 1.3.3 of SomnoPose (released on 4 November 2013) is now available from the App StoreSM.

This version restores your ability to shut off the iPhone screen by covering the proximity sensor. This feature had been in place for more than a year, but did not work properly when iOS 7 was released in September.

The new version also fixes a bug that could sometimes cause "statistics since" (on the main screen) to appear with an incorrect date and time near 1 January 2001 (with variations based on your time zone).

SomnoPoseTM 1.3.2 for iOS 6 and iOS 7

Version 1.3.2 of SomnoPose is now available from the App StoreSM, with a new look for iOS 7. When running in iOS 6, its look is changed only slightly, but there are nevertheless a few internal improvements.

As described here earlier, the way SomnoPose used the iPhone® proximity sensor during data collection to shut off the screen is not effective in iOS 7. Version 1.3.2 uses the proximity sensor when used with iOS 6, but not with iOS 7. As a result, you may want to take other measures to save battery power. The Control Center in iOS 7 can help with this by providing quick access to controls for screen brightness, airplane mode, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

16 October 2013

SomnoPoseTM and iOS 7

UPDATE: There is a somewhat simpler alternative to the workaround described in the numbered steps below. Once you have SomnoPose in Run mode, choose either the Charts tab or the Help tab. Both of these views disable the proximity sensor, so they will prevent the iOS 7 problem described here. The screen will remain on, so it would be best to dim the screen as described. You can switch back to the Main tab as needed to access controls or view statistics, and return to the Charts or Help tab to continue position monitoring.

- Jim Hassett, 8 October 2013

Apple® has just released iOS 7, bringing a new look and many great features to iOS devices. Unfortunately, you may run into a problem in trying to use SomnoPose on an iPhone running iOS 7.

Since version 1.3 was released last year, SomnoPose has used the iPhone proximity sensor to turn off the screen when the iPhone is covered. This reduces the battery power used while SomnoPose is running. (An iPod touch® has no proximity sensor, so SomnoPose runs with the screen on continuously.) With iOS 7, covering the proximity sensor has a different effect: about 15 seconds after it turns the screen off, it generally forces SomnoPose into background operation, and it can no longer collect position data.

There is a way to work around this problem. Oddly enough, it involves keeping the proximity sensor covered continuously while collecting position data. This can be done with a small sticky note (or almost any other kind of sticky tape). Once the sensor is covered, you can override the screen shutoff to keep SomnoPose active.

Here are the steps:

  1. Put SomnoPose in Run mode as usual.
  2. Use a sticky note or tape to cover the proximity sensor (above the top of the screen), so the screen goes dark.
  3. Press the home button once. This should turn the screen back on. As long as the proximity sensor is continuously covered, it will not turn the screen off again, and SomnoPose should remain active.
  4. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the new iOS 7 Control Center, and use it to dim the screen to minimize power consumption while SomnoPose is running.
  5. Dismiss the Control Center by sliding it down, or by pressing the home button.
  6. Keep the proximity sensor covered until morning (or whenever your sleep session is done).

I am preparing a new version of SomnoPose that is better suited to iOS 7, but I have not yet found a good way to use the proximity sensor to save power when using iOS 7.

- Jim Hassett, 18 September 2013

A Shirt that Fits SomnoPoseTM

Our help pages include suggested ways to wear a device running the SomnoPose sleep position monitor. We recently learned about another way, using Syte Shirts from Syte Gear. These are t-shirts that have a front-and-center pocket sized either for holding a smartphone or a tablet. The pocket even allows viewing and touch operation through a plastic window.

The Syte Gear website tells of a customer who uses SomnoPose by wearing his iPhone® in a Smartphone Syte Shirt. This looks like a very convenient way to use SomnoPose. If you want to try it out, we'd suggest getting a relatively snug size to ensure that your device is stable, and please let us know how it works for you.

13 June 2013

New: SomnoPoseTM 1.3 Improves Power Management

SomnoPose version 1.3 (released on 21 August 2012) offers improved management of battery power so your device can run SomnoPose hours longer without recharging. By using the iPhone proximity sensor to turn off the display during data collection, power consumption is significantly reduced. SomnoPose 1.3 can also continue operating until the device shuts down due to battery depletion. See SomnoPose Power Management Tips for details.

New: SomnoPoseTM 1.2 with Data Export

SomnoPose version 1.2 (released on 30 July 2011) makes it easy to export detailed sleep position data. The data can be sent by email from the Charts screen, and is exported in CSV (comma separated value) format, which can be directly imported into many spreadsheet, database, and data analysis applications. See SomnoPose Data Export help for details.

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