Landscape Wearing

SomnoPose 2 allows you to wear your iPhone or iPod touch device in either a portrait orientation or a landscape orientation.

Note: Even when set for landscape wearing, SomnoPose will show its views in a portrait mode, but with person icons rotated to indicate landscape wearing.

To use SomnoPose with your device in a landscape orientation follow these steps:

  1. Go to the SomnoPose Settings view and scroll to Device Wearing Setting.
  2. Turn on Landscape wearing.
  3. Go to the Main view.
  4. Hold your device upright (not lying flat) in approximately the intended landscape orientation.
  5. Tap the Run button. The shield will appear, but with the person icon upright. Both the screen orientation and the wearing orientation are now locked.
  6. Put your device in place for wearing, with the person icon aligned with your body.

To go back to wearing in a portrait orientation, return to the Settings view and turn Landscape wearing off.