SomnoGuide Help

SomnoGuide is a touch-based system that provides information about specific features throughout the SomnoPose app. With a brief touch almost anywhere in the app (except for the Help and SomnoGuide views themselves) it will offer information about the area touched.

Switches in the SomnoPose Settings view (under the SomnoGuide Settings heading) allow you to select how you use SomnoGuide:

  • For devices that offer 3D Touch, the 3D Touch for help switch is on by default, allowing you to press the screen to show a SomnoGuide preview. A firm press will present a full-screen SomnoGuide view.
  • If 3D Touch is unavailable or disabled, the Hold gesture for help switch is on by default, and you can use a touch-and-hold gesture (sometimes called a “long press”) to pop up a small SomnoGuide view, which includes an Expand button to enlarge the view.
  • If both the 3D Touch for help switch and the Hold gesture for help switch are off, SomnoGuide views are disabled.
  • The Help on watch switch controls a similar touch-and-hold gesture to bring up help for features of the SomnoPose watch app.

Each SomnoGuide view shows a title and scrollable content, with buttons at the bottom:

  • Small views provide an Expand button at the lower left to increase the size of the view.
  • A Done button on the lower right is used to dismiss the view.
  • A SomnoGuide button at the lower center provides access to this content.