Welcome to SomnoPose

SomnoPose can help you track your sleep position and stay in positions you want.

To do this, you will need to wear your iPhone® (or iPod touch®) while sleeping. See the Help topic Wearing Your Device to learn more.

In SomnoPose, the bottom tab bar offers access to four views:

  • The Main view shows basic controls and results.
  • The Charts view shows detailed results for individual nights of sleep.
  • The Settings view allows you to select or adjust various settings.
  • The Help view gives a wide range of information about using SomnoPose.

In addition, the SomnoGuide feature gives you easy access to information about nearly any feature you see in these views. See the Help topic Help via SomnoGuide for details.

SomnoPose also includes support for Apple Watch with a watch app that shows current status, summarizes results, and provides some basic controls.