Welcome to Version 2

SomnoPose version 2.0 brings some major new features:

  • Statistics and optional alarms for four distinct sleep positions, facing in different directions (up, down, left, and right), with adjustable boundaries.
  • Support for wearing your device in either a portrait or landscape orientation. See the Landscape Wearing Help topic for details.
  • A new SomnoGuide help facility that provides information about SomnoPose features with just a brief touch. See the SomnoGuide Help topic to learn about SomnoGuide.
  • Support for Apple watch with a watch app that shows current status, summarizes results, and provides some basic controls.

This version also brings many other new features and improvements, including these:

  • A summary bar under the chart in the Main view indicates the proportions of time in each position.
  • An Alarm Test feature is provided on the Main view shield to easily check alarm operation and settings.
  • The toolbar buttons in the Charts view now provide more actions for viewing, printing, or exporting chart images and data.
  • App startup is faster when data for many nights have been collected and retained.