SomnoPose monitors your body position while you sleep, to help you stay in desired positions.

Many people sleep better in one position or another. For some, snoring or sleep apnea may be worse when sleeping face up. Others may find that sleeping on one side or the other tends to result in discomfort, maybe in a shoulder or hip.

SomnoPose uses the built-in sensors in your iPhone® (or iPod touch®) to detect and record your body position. It can help you learn how your position changes as you sleep, and reduce the time you sleep in an undesired position.

By wearing your iPhone running SomnoPose while you sleep, you can find out how much time you spend in various positions. With the alarm turned on, SomnoPose can alert you when you lie in an undesired position, so you can adjust your position, and gradually learn to stay in preferred positions.