Action Menu

The action menu (from the button at the left end of the Charts view toolbar) provides ways to print or export chart images or data.

  • Use chart image... presents several ways use can use the chart image currently shown. These can include using AirDrop, passing the image to certain apps (such as Messages, Mail, or Notes), saving the image to Photos, or sending it to a printer.
  • Print light chart (less ink) provides a way to print the current chart with a lighter color scheme, which may save printer ink.
  • The Use data and Email data items provide several ways to export position data from SomnoPose. See Data Export for details.
  • Export database offers ways to export the entire database of SomnoPose position data. This yields a SQLite database that may be useful if you want to write your own application to process SomnoPose data, or if you have another application that can open the SQLite database. The database is quite simple, with just one table having three numeric columns.