SomnoPose Alarm Controls

Main-Screen Alarm Controls

On the Main screen, two controls affect the face-up alarm:

Alarm controls on the main screen
  1. The volume slider displays and modifies the overall device audio volume, which affects all audio on the device. You can adjust the volume either by using this slider, or by using the volume buttons on the side of the device.
  2. The Face-up alarm switch provides a readily-available way to turn the SomnoPose alarm on or off.

Settings-Screen Alarm Controls

On the Settings screen, several controls affect the alarm:

Alarm controls on the settings screen
  1. The Alarm volume slider controls the volume of the alarm, relative to the overall device volume. This can be used to keep the alarm volume lower than the current setting of the device volume.
  2. The Alarm sound delay slider controls a delay between detection of a face-up condition and the beginning of the alarm sound. Face-up events shorter than this time will also not be included in the count of face-up episodes.
  3. The Alarm volume ramp time slider controls the time it takes for the alarm volume to gradually increase to its maximum.
  4. The Alarm vibration switch controls the use of the device vibrator during alarms (for those devices that have vibrators, such as iPhones).