Holster on Elastic Bandage

The photos below show one way of wearing an iPhone® or iPod touch® for use with SomnoPose. Here, a 3-inch (75 mm) wide elastic bandage (such as an ACE® bandage) was wrapped around the user's chest, and firmly secured with small binder clips (which we have not found to be uncomfortable).

Other kinds of fasteners can be used, such as safety pins, mitten clips, alligator clips, etc. The claw-style fasteners that are typically provided with elastic bandages have not been secure enough for this purpose, in our experience.

Inserting an iOS device in a holster

A holster-style case was then clipped to the bandage, and the device was inserted.

Holster clipped to an elastic bandage

In this example, an older case not specifically designed for these devices was used, so the fit was somewhat loose, but still stable enough to get usable position data.