Other Uses

While SomnoPose is mainly intended for monitoring sleep position, its abilities to record device position data and to sound an alarm can be used for other purposes.

  • As an approximate level: The scrolling chart and tilt-angle text on the Main view can be used to measure sideways tilt of your device. (SomnoPose is designed to use uncalibrated accelerometer data, so errors of a few degrees may be seen.)
  • To monitor posture: If you carry your iPhone or iPod touch in a shirt pocket, SomnoPose can alert you if your posture is slumped forward. For this use, the device should be in a portrait position with the screen facing you, the Upright angle should be set to perhaps 15 or 20 degrees, and the Alarm delay should be kept short. (With a long Alarm volume ramp time you can hope to notice the alarm before other people around you.)
  • Monitoring mechanical systems: Since SomnoPose will work fine when your device is attached to something other than a sleeping person, it can be used to gather data about position changes of objects. The design of SomnoPose makes it best suited to changes that happen over minutes or hours, and we don't recommend using it on rapidly-moving machinery. Maybe you could use it to measure use of the living-room recliner?