Power Management Tips for SomnoPose

The SomnoPose app cannot operate in the background or with the device in “sleep” state, but there are several ways to save battery power.

On an iPhone, SomnoPose 1.3 lets you greatly reduce power consumption by using the proximity sensor to turn off the screen illumination. While SomnoPose is in run mode, an object brought close to the proximity sensor (near the earpiece) will cause the screen backlight to be turned off (and will also turn off the screen touch sensor). So if you place your iPhone in a holster or pocket, or otherwise cover the proximity sensor (maybe with a bit of tape), the screen will go blank, reducing power consumption.

Whether the screen backlight is on or not, all-night use of SomnoPose can use quite a bit of battery power. To prolong operation, consider some of these suggestions:

  • Start with a full charge. Plan ahead, and get the device's battery fully charged before you go to bed.
  • Keep the screen brightness low. This not only can reduce power consumption, but may be better for viewing in a darkened room.
  • Turn off device radios. Use Airplane Mode, or individually turn off the cellular network connection, Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi.
  • Avoid power-hungry background apps. Other apps running in the background may use significant power.
  • Use an auxiliary battery pack. There are many third-party battery packs that you can connect to your device to provide additional power.

See Apple's advice for more on extending battery life.

Note: With earlier SomnoPose versions, iOS 5 automatically enables auto-lock when battery power falls to 20%. Unless you have auto-lock set to “never” this typically causes the device to “sleep” within a few minutes, suspending SomnoPose operation with considerable battery power still available. With SomnoPose 1.3, auto-lock remains disabled, your device stays “awake” and SomnoPose can keep operating much longer.