Tucked into Bandage

The photos below show one way of wearing an iPhone® or iPod touch® for use with SomnoPose. Here, a 4-inch (100 mm) wide elastic bandage (such as an ACEā„¢ bandage) was wrapped around the user's abdomen, and firmly secured with small binder clips. A safety pin was placed near the lower edge of the bandage to form a pocket.

Device tucked into an elastic bandage

In this example, one end of the bandage was wrapped over the top of the device to help hold it in place. This covering might not be necessary if the device is in a case that provides enough friction to keep it from slipping out.

Tucked device covered by bandage

Other kinds of fasteners such as mitten clips or alligator clips can be used. The claw-style fasteners that are typically provided with elastic bandages have not been secure enough for this purpose, in our experience.