Watch App

SomnoPose includes support for Apple Watch with a watch app that shows current status, summarizes results, and provides some basic controls.

The watch app displays a clock chart that uses colors to show general sleep position over the course of the current session:

Circular chart of sleep position

Below the clock chart is a summary bar similar to that on the SomnoPose Main view, followed by other status information:

Watch app status display

You can find watch app help with a light touch-and-hold gesture on any of these features. This is a simpler version of SomnoGuide help, and can be disabled in the SomnoPose Settings view.

At the bottom of the display, below the status information, there are three buttons you can use to run or stop recording, turn alarms on or off, or request an update to the displayed information (which will generally update automatically about every 30 seconds when the watch app is visible). These buttons replace the buttons that appeared with a firm press on the watch screen in earlier versions.