Wearing your Device

To use the SomnoPose app to monitor your sleep position, you will need to wear your iPhone® or iPod touch® while sleeping. These are the basic guidelines:

  • Your device should be worn facing forward, so that the screen is upward when you are lying on your back. Wearing it on the torso is typical, but you could wear it on your leg (or maybe even your forehead).
  • It can be worn in either a portrait or landscape orientation. Some details of starting a SomnoPose sleep session will depend on which orientation is used. See Landscape Wearing.
  • For accurate position monitoring, your device must be reasonably stable, not flopping excessively as you roll from side to side. The looser it is, the less accurate the results will be.
  • Be certain your device is secure, to prevent it from falling.
  • Avoid wearing it in a way that risks excessive pressure on the device if you happen to roll over on it.

Here are some specific suggestions for wearing your iPhone or iPod touch:

Pocket: If your device is worn in a pocket, you may need to take steps to ensure that it is sufficiently stable, secure, and forward facing. It may be helpful to use an elastic bandage wrapped across the pocket to help keep it in place.

Smartphone belt or waistband: A belt or band designed to hold a smartphone could work well.

Money belt: Some money belts with large pockets, such as the Eagle Creek UnderCoverâ„¢ Security Belts, may work well, depending on the size of your device.

Smartphone armband adapted for torso wearing: You could devise a way to attach an armband to a long elastic bandage or other comfortable band to wear around your torso.

Tucked into elastic bandage: A device can be tucked between layers of a wide elastic bandage wrapped around your chest or abdomen, but a case may help prevent the device from slipping out. Binder clips, safety pins or other devices can be added to help hold the device in place. See the tucked example for details.